Shelbyville Central Education Foundation Grant Awards

The Shelbyville Central Education Foundation awarded over $3,000 to the teachers of Shelbyville Central Schools recently.

Awards were presented to the following teachers.

  • Mr. Shively, SHS, to purchase resources for his students 
  • Mrs. Huntsman, SHS, to purchase equipment to start a small engine team for FFA
  • Mrs. Cole, SHS, to purchase Circut equipment for her students 
  • Mr. Lockridge and Mr. Harper, SMS, to purchase robotic equipment
  • Mr. Moore, SMS, to help students go on the annual Washington DC 8th grade trip
  • Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Beyer, SHS,  to create a calming in the counseling office
  • Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Thomas, HES, to purchase supplies for the annual play
  • Mrs. Terrell, HES to purchase writing journals 
  • Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Bate, LES, to purchase supplies for their classrooms
  • Mrs. Eads, GPBS, to purchase a magnetic flip chart

Thank you teachers for all that you do from the Shelbyville Central Education Foundation.