HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK from the Shelbyville Central Education Foundation. Celebrating everyone at Shelbyville Central Schools who make positive impacts on students lives daily.  Congratulations to today's lucky $25.00 drawing winners:  Abril Huffman     Haley  Bramlett    Gina Virgen    Christie Nigh    Shyla VanCleave     Joni Ramsey    Sam Williams     TJ Nolley     Jessica Larrison    Sandra Hill    Megan Sullivan    Alecia Adkins    Brandy Moore  Ashley Swonger    Joni Connor     Ethan Nash     Jennifer Johnson    Savannah Parsley   Allison Anderson     Jessica Rochon   Steve vonWerder     Rebecca Hoefler     Lori Shaw     Susan Bass    Luke Lockridge     Heidi McIntire      Josh Moore      Michelle Rand       Chuck Bujarsky     Lisa Helms      Leroy Smith     Mike Marrow    Peggy Phares     Ron Hounshell


Abril Huffman, Haley  Bramlett, Gina Virgen, Christie Nigh, Shyla VanCleave, Joni Ramsey, Sam Williams, TJ Nolley, Jessica Larrison, Sandra Hill, Megan Sullivan, Alecia Adkins,  Brandy Moore, Ashley Swonger, Joni Connor, Ethan Nash, Jennifer Johnson, Savannah Parsley, Allison Anderson, Jessica Rochon, Steve von Werder, Rebecca Hoefler, Lori Shaw, Susan Bass, Luke Lockridge, Heidi McIntire, Josh Moore, Michelle Rand, Chuck Bujarsky, Lisa Helms, Leroy Smith,  Mike Marrow, Peggy Phares, and  Ron Hounshell.

The Board of the Shelbyville Central Education Foundation would like to express our sincerest appreciation for EVERYTHING that each and every one of you has done during this school year for the students of Shelbyville. 

As a token of our appreciation, the Shelbyville Central Education Foundation will once again be presenting 139 checks totaling $7,100 to randomly drawn Shelbyville Central Schools employees over this upcoming week.

Funding for these gifts is only made possible through the generous donations made by your colleges as well as the community of Shelbyville.

Thank you for all that you do from Shelbyville Central Education Foundation Board of Directors

Matt Haehl-Board President 

Mary Harper-Board Member

Michelle Babcock-Board Member

Floyd Hastings-BoardMember

Kay Dee Baird-Board Member

Gayle Wiley-Board Member

Matt Nolley-Board Member

Beau Browning-Board Member

Cody Montgomery-Board Member 

Susan Wettrick-Board Member

Andy Snow - Director