Business Professionals of America has over 1,800 chapters across 25 states and Puerto Rico, as well as an international presence in China, Haiti, and Peru. Every state gets to bring the top two teams in each team event, the top three in individually judged events, and the top six students in each individual (non-judged) event. Nationals is where we really get to see and compete against a lot of students from all across the United States and even the world.  

The Shelbyville High School Chapter of BPA was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for our participation in the BPA Cares Program and for successfully conducting activities in Membership Explosion. The six students that went to Nationals this year and competed represented SHS very well.  The following list includes each student's participation and placement at Nationals.


Gabbi Fox: Advanced Desktop Publishing (non-judged) 21st place, Graphic Design Promotion (judged) 34th place, Ambassador Level Torch Award, Student Certification-Level 1, Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Office Specialist in Word 2016.

Anesa Jakupi: Administrative Support Research (judged) 20th place, Ambassador Level Torch Award, Student Certification-Level 1, and Certificate of Achievement: Leadership Passport Series.

Connor Zobel: Linux Operating System Fundamentals (non-judged) 25th place.

Ian Hall: Digital Media Production (judged) 35th place.

Podcast News Team (Ian Hall, Connor Elliott, and Niven Herrington): 19th place (judged).