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Summer Meals

Check out Nutrislice to see what’s on the menu this summer!

School may be out, but school meals are still in! All summer long, we’ll be serving BREAKFAST and LUNCH to anyone 18 years or younger in the knows that Shelbyville’s summer meal program does not require registration or identification – all students need to do is come by to receive a happy and healthy meal. Some favorite menu items that we’ll be featuring throughout the summer include:

  • Sloppy Joes
  • Beef Nachos
  • PB & J

News Corner

Free & Reduced-Price Meal Applications – 2022-23 School Year

School meals continue to be some of the healthiest meal options for students and are an essential part of the learning day. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we
have been able to offer free meals for all students thanks to nationwide waivers for federally funded meal programs. As you may have heard, these waivers are set to expire at the
end of this school year, which means schools must return to charging for breakfast and lunch and can only offer free or reduced-priced meals to students who qualify for those
Our goal is to continue to support all students and families by ensuring those who need free meals at school continue to receive them. In the upcoming months, you will hear directly
from us on how to apply for free or reduced-price meals next year. It is critical that all families complete a short, confidential application and turn it in prior to the start of the school year* to ensure there are no gaps in meal benefits. 

• For families with multiple students in the district, only one household application is needed, and benefits will apply for the entire school year.
• Should your household financial circumstances change at any time, applications can also be submitted throughout the year.
• For families receiving other benefits, such as SNAP or TANF, you may receive notification that your student(s) is/are automatically eligible for free meals and need not submit an application.

*Please note, meal applications submitted any time prior to June 30, 2022, will only apply to this school year, and a new application is needed for benefits in the 2022-2023 school year.

Discovery Kitchen Summer

Summer Fun!

Our Discovery Kitchen program continues and we’re excited to share that our theme for June, and July is Summer Fun! We’ll bring the excitement of outdoor picnics and cookouts to the
cafeteria where we will engage students with fresh recipes, delicious demos, and fun and informative nutrition education. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy summer-themed
recipes that pull in a variety of flavors to enhance everyday meals. These include delicious picnic-style sides and grill-themed items. Our hope is that the Summer Fun recipes students experience in the cafeteria will be an inspiration to have more Summer Fun! cooking at home with friends and family at cookouts, picnics, and other celebrations.

*Held at Loper Elementary on June 23rd

Events to look forward to:

There's always a reason to celebrate!

Summer Fun brings the excitement of outdoor picnics and cookouts to the cafeteria. Our kid-friendly recipes featured this season are perfect for the summertime.  From delicious picnic-style sides to grill-themed items will refuel students after long days spent outdoors.
Great food combined with activities, nutrition education, and healthy living tips makes for one action-packed Discovery Kitchen season. Summer never tasted so good! Just because school is out doesn’t mean Fun Days have to stop! Need some dinner ideas? Here are celebrate them.

Summer Fun Days

June 1: World Milk Day
World Milk Day is June 1. The day was organized by the Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations and on this day, they spread the news around the globe about how milk is nutritious, affordable, and accessible (not to mention delicious!)

June 3: National Egg Day
Did you know that eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years? And for good
reason! Eggs are one of the most perfect foods as they are packed with protein, and amino acids, ad have no carbohydrates or sugar. Not to mention that they are just crackin’ good.

June 11: National Corn on the Cob Day
As we approach the first day of summer, June 11th marks the calendar to celebrate the National Corn on the Cob Day each year. Fresh corn on the cob is a summertime treat people from all corners of the United States look forward to as we start the picnic season.

June 17: National Eat Your Veggies Day!
Though there isn’t a day that goes by that our teams aren’t promoting healthy vegetables, this
dedicated day is great to celebrate produce. Today is the day to highlight plant-forward
recipes and fresh veggie sides!

June 21: National Smoothie Day
Though there isn’t a day that goes by that our teams aren’t promoting healthy vegetables, this
dedicated day is great to celebrate produce.  Today is the day to highlight plant-forward
recipes and fresh veggie sides!  

July 4: Happy 4th of July 

Happy Fourth of July. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.

July 13: National French Fry Day
Did you know French fries actually come from Belgium? When American soldiers
arrived in Belgium during World War I, they began eating Belgium fries. French was the
official language of Belgium at this time, so the soldiers began calling them French fries.

July 14: National Mac and Cheese Day
It doesn’t get any cheddar than this. Happy National Mac and Cheese Day! Fun Fact -
The first US-published macaroni and cheese recipe was in the cookbook, “The Virginia House-Wife” in 1824.

July 20: National Hot Dog Day
Hot diggity dog! July 20 is National Hot Dog Day. Grab your friends and family and
celebrate this popular, American dish. Make this meal a favorite among your family this summer!

Better Together

At the heart of Chartwells is a strong team of motivated, caring, and conscientious individuals who are dedicated to ensuring ABC School’s students leave the cafeteria happier and healthier than they came in. We all have the same goal –delivering the best food service possible. Meet some of our team members from across the district.

Bri Wettrick
Bri is the Manager at Hendricks Elementary. Bri has been with Chartwells
for 9 years! She has 2 daughters and was born and raised in Shelbyville. When she is
not at work or at her kid's extracurriculars, she likes to work out, watch movies, and ghost hunt.

Angel Brown
Angel is the manager at the High School. She has been with
Chartwells for 11 years! She is surrounded with love by her 3 children, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law. Her family is her world!

Misti Campton
Misti is the manager at the Middle School. She grew up in Shelbyville and graduated
in 1990. She and her husband Ryan just celebrated their 27th anniversary! She has
3 kids and has been with Chartwells for 11 years!

Sue Markley
Sue is the manager at Loper Elementary. She has been with Chartwells for 11
years and Shelbyville schools for 22! She is married with 2 boys and 2 beautiful
grandchildren to which she devotes most of her time.

Leticia Lisby 
Leticia is the manager at Coulston Elementary School. A Shelbyville Native, she has been with Chartwells for 8 years! She has a blended family of 5 with her Husband. 

Kialyr Smith 
Kialyr has been with Chartwells for 3 years. Newly appointed floating manager, she travels to all locations to help where needed! She is married and has a fur baby named Minnie

Holly Pritt
Holly is a recently promoted manager at the Preschool. She started with Chartwells in August of 2021. She is a proud mother of 3 wonderful children!